Urban Design

The most salient problem of modern urban planning is the globalization of the processes of the human environment improvement as well as the creation of good living conditions in urban areas with high demands on the architecture and landscape design in particular.

University is one of the most significant urban objects. Specific processes inherent in the main functions of university complexes require analysis of a number of issues on the functional and landscape development of open spaces, the use of certain landscape resources and methods that provide the optimums for the ecology and the emotional perception of the university environment.

The problems considering the reconstruction of the environment are brought to the forefront in the process of construction of new structures on the territory of the Belgorod State Technological University. This work is essential to create a fully functioning, aesthetic environment for students and university staff, that also meets the main criteria of quality.

Research and practical work on the functional and landscape development of open urban spaces. Open spaces of university campuses belong to the main town-forming objects. The result of integration of the educational, research and practical activity is the long-term work on the creation and development of the landscape concept of our university open space, which occupies the territory of 350000 m3. Our university campus holds first place in the regional competitions for the best landscape.

Today the reconstruction of the academic building is performing. It is planned to change stained-glass windows in the lobby on the 1st and 2nd  floors, flooring on the 2nd floor and replace entrance doors with the revolving door. The extension to the central building lecture halls block is being designed. In the future, this will significantly increase the number of classrooms, lecture halls and laboratories of the university. The construction of a dormitory with 400 people for international students is planned in the campus. The architecture of the building and the improvement of the surrounding area will be linked with the recently introduced dormitory No. 5. In the near future, the construction of a 7-floors educational and laboratory building (block B) is planned, according to the project developed by the university's specialists. It will be connected with the economic department and central buildings through aisles. Work on winterization of the dormitories facades, as well as fenestration of  the balconies, which will give a new look to the buildings. In 2012, it is planned to build additional parking lots for 216 car places, which will allow arranging the parking of cars on the university territory. The improvement of the territory of the university will be continued. It includes the projects developed by university staff and students, namely, shadow tents, cozy parks, recreation areas, landscape improvement. The stadium construction will be completed, the additional seats for spectators will be assembled. The design documentation of the system of automatic watering of the lawns of the university is developed. The total area of ​​the watered territory is 500 m2. Automatic watering is controlled by the electronic unit.

An observation site of the university is a perfect example of using a elevation difference and landscape design. From the observation site you can see an incredible view of the Belgorod.

The art object "Moose" is placed in the picturesque green area of the university in close to the campus main. This is the first art object in the landscape composition, which is panned to include moose sculptures, paving with tiles, planting bushes and flowers.

There are beautiful alcove and sculpture "Pushkin and Natali" in "Pushkinskaya Alley." They are built in accordance with the concept of the university territory. The construction of an ice sport rink has been completed, lighting supports and benches with tents have been placed in the university sport area. Now everyone can play hockey or do figure skating. Owing to this, now the university sport area is open the whole year.

The improvement of the territory in the university sport area between the swimming pool and the sports ground is planned. It will allow students not only to get closer to nature, but also to enjoy the view of the new swimming pool facade or competitions on the sports ground (the project will be completed in 2012).

The tents "Zigzag" will allow everyone to hide from the heat and rain, and improve the landscape.


The use of different elevation makes it feasible to build a small construction with roofing, which can be used as an additional element of the landscape improvement. Comfortable small parks will give opportunity for students to have rest and chit-chat between classes not only within the university.

The construction of a greenhouse with an household block on the university territory is is projected. Landscape improvement of the adjacent area will make the university territory even more beautiful and unique.

University experts took part in the development of the project "Rector's Gardens" in Mayskiy village near Belgorod State Agriculture Academy. BSTU, like other higher educational institutions of Belgorod, will realize the project by improving the territory allocated to the university. 

BSTU developed a project of a multifunctional theme park "Russian Forest" in Mayskiy village. In addition to parkways, thematic zones dedicated to the works of Russian writers with the shadow sculptures of literary characters, the construction of a literary readings spot, play and sports grounds will be constructed. The improvement of the landscape with tents, benches and barbecue grills is planned. There will be an additional tree and flower planting and  lawn irrigation system, benches and lighting installation. A unique landscape park will appear in Belgorod, and no one will remain indifferent.



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