Our teams

  • Varsity handball team (coaches: S.I. Kramskoy, S.I. Yarkovoy)
    Men’s varsity handball team is a competitor of Championship of the Russian Federation among men’s team of Premier League. Handball team is kind of icon of the University.
  • Men’s varsity basketball team (coaches I.A. Savkin)
    For many years the team has successfully competed at national students competitions. It is multiple champions of the Association of National Construction Universities, a bronze medalist of the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation, the Association of Student Basketball of Russia. The team represents Belgorod in the National championship among the teams of the first League.
  • Varsity kettlebell lifting team (coach A.P. Malkov)
    Varsity kettlebell lifting team is multiple champions of regional competitions and constantly compete in Russian ones. Our kettlebell lifting sportsmen are in the top of kettlebell lifters of the Belgorod region. They are among the best sportsmen of the Association of National Construction Universities.
  • Men’s varsity volleyball team (coach N.A. Gruzdeva)
    University volleyball players frequently join the junior and student teams of the country.
  • Women’s varsity volleyball team (coach R.F. Popova)
    The national team was created by A.M. Gridchin, a great admirer of this sport, who for several years was the rector of the BSTU.
  • Varsity futsal team (coach: V.V. Kravtsov)
    Our football players are bronze medalists among the teams of the 1st group of physical culture teams of the regional championship, where all the strongest football players of the region compete. "Technolog" is the only student team playing in these top regional competitions.
  • Varsity team of chess players (coach: A.G. Korovyansky)
    Over the years, our students are the strongest chess players in the city and the region. They are the prizewinners of the ASB competitions of Russia, competitors of the Russian championship among the teams of the first League.
  • Varsity kickboxing team (coach: A.A. Yarmak)
    Before long,  kickboxers of the BSTU have managed to form a strong team, which successfully performs not only in city and regional championships but also in the student championships of Russian, the Cup of Russia and other top-rated competitions.


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