Master’s Degree

Master’s degree is a second-cycle academic degree awarded by universities, upon completion of a course of study demonstrating mastery or a high-order overview of a specific field of study or area of professional practice.

To apply for Master’s degree, BA degree or equal is required.

Duration of study:

  • Full-time — 2 years
  • Distance learning — 2,5 years

Upon the completion of the course of study students receive state-recognized  Master’s degree.


Field of study Program
  • architectural engineering
  • urban design
  • theory and design of buildings
  • operation and reconstruction of buildings
  • monitoring, operational reliability of housing and utilities sector and urban space
  • theory and practice of organizational and technologic solutions in construction industry
  • engineering of building materials and constructions
  • innovations and technology transfer
  • functional composite materials for sustainable building
  • functional building composite for 3D additive manufacturing
  • wood processing technologies in construction
  • nanosystem in building materials science
  • urban planning and architectural concepts of accessible environment
  • maintenance of microclimate system of buildings
  • heat and gas supply of residential and industrial areas
  • investment in construction industry
  • budgeting in construction industry
  • road construction materials science
  • roads science
Computer studies
  • software of intelligence system

Information systems and technologies

  • development and maintenance of corporate information systems

Software engineering

  • software development

Heat power engineering

  • heat power engineering

Electrical Power Engineering

  • electric power systems, electric networks and their modes, susceptibility and reliability
  • electric actuator and automation of mechanisms and industries 

Production machines and equipment

  • development, surveying  of equipment and technological complexes of construction industries

 Automation of industrial processes

  •  automation of industrial processes

Design of machine industries

  • design of machine industries

Robotics technology

  • robotics technology

Chemical technology

  • chemical technology of binders and composite materials
  • chemical technology of glass and ceramics

Energy and resource-saving processes in chemical technology, petrochemistry and biotechnology

  • sustainable use of material and energy resources in the chemical technology of binders
  • sustainable use of water resources in chemical technology, petrochemicals and biotechnology
  • energy- and resource-saving processes of domestic and industrial waste recycling

Technospheric Security

  • radiation and electromagnetic safety
  • safety of technological and industrial processes
  • industrial ecology and sustainable use of natural resources

 Environmental engineering and water consumption

  • environmental engineering and environment protection
  • water consumption and wastewater treatment of housing and utilities sector and industries

Land transport and machine complexes

  • lifting equipment, construction , road building machines and their equipment
  • technological complexes for natural and technogenic materials recycling

Transportation processes technology

  • organisation and safety of traffic

Operation of transport vehicles and machines

  • transport vehicles, machines and equipment service

Measurements and Standards

  • measurements and Standards

 Quality control

  •  quality control

Management in technical systems

  • management in technical systems


  • nanostructured composites for building and special purposes


  • business economics
  • social politics
  • industrial economy
  • accounting and taxation of economic entities


  • strategic management
  • corporate management
  • international business


  • bank management

Human resources

  • personnel management of a commercial organization
  • management of human resources of a firm, region, state

Housing and utilities infrastructure

  • commercial activity and management in housing and utilities sector


Annual tuition fee for Master degree programs

Program in Russian language:

Training profile

 Tuition fee (rubles)

Master in Economics

110 230

Master in Technical science

127 160

Nano materials

158 020


Program in English language:

Training profile

Type of study

Master in Economics


Master in  Construction


Master in Construction Materials


Master in Ecology



Master’s degree today — your success tomorrow


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Phone: 8(4722) 30-99-87

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