City Management

The educational program of advanced training "Management of municipal entities" is implemented by the Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education "V.G. Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University" in collaboration with the Belgorod region administration.

Advanced training was organized by the department of the personnel policy of the region in collaboration with the BSTU within the framework of the project "Development of the system of training managerial personnel in the Belgorod region in 2012–2013."

The goal of the educational program is to improve knowledge and skills of qualified municipal managers, due to the rise in the demanded requirements of qualification and the need to master new solutions of  professional issues.

The main objectives of the educational program are the development of students' skills in the field of professional activity on the basis of:

  • comprehensive improvement of knowledge on economic, legal, organizational, managerial and social spheres of municipal government, as well as management of housing and utility services and architectural and construction development of municipalities;
  • mastering of relevant adjustments in specific issues of professional activity;
  • leading specialists of the university and departments of the region working in the program create a harmonious combination of theoretical and practical aspects of the studied disciplines;
  • provision of material and technical conditions, normative, methodological and other means for the implementation of the educational process in accordance with the direction of the educational program.

Mode of training: part-time (on-the-job).

Number of Classes: on Saturday for 6–8 academic hours.

The number of academic hours for completing the advanced training program is 1540 hours, including 373 hours of classroom studies.

The content of the program:

Part 1 Economic-legal sphere

  • Basics of macro- and microeconomics
  • Legal framework of municipal management
  • Basic computer studies for municipal management
  • Socio-economic statistics
  • Economics of the organization (enterprise) of the municipal sphere
  • Fundamentals of the organization of budgetary accounting and financial reporting of  the municipal formation
  • Municipal Finance
  • Fundamentals of the tax system of the municipal entity
  • Business planning (training)
  • Marketing and branding of territories
  • Economic security

Part 2 Social sphere

  • Social Management
  • Social protection of the population
  • Management of the employment of the population in the municipal entity
  • Cultural and moral aspects of the territory development
  • Sociology of Religion and the Problems of Interreligious Communications
  • Management of conflicts in the social sphere (training)
  • Management of public relations
  • Development of the territory planning
  • Municipal Management
  • Human Resources Management

Part 3 Construction and housing and utility services

  • Habitat Ecology
  • Management of municipal property and land resources
  • Urban planning
  • Energy saving in housing and utility sector
  • Price formation in the sphere of housing and utility sector
  • Modern structures, materials, and production technologies of construction and repair work
  • Budget for the construction industry
  • Technical expertise in construction projects
  • Expertise and management of construction investment projects
  • Inventory of urban development
  • Methods and modes of management of housing and utility sector
  • Legal regulation of construction work and housing legislation

Part 4 Organizational management

  • Planning and placement of state and municipal orders (training)
  • Municipal management efficiency
  • Management of innovation
  • Project management
  • Development of management solutions
  • Professional ethics of a municipal employee
  • Time management (training)
  • Fundamentals of speechwriting
  • Business meeting
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