The Institute of Continuing Professional Education

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The current social and economic situation in our country, the constantly changing labor market conditions, new technologies appearing every day and growing competition are life conditions where specialists need to prove again and again their professional qualification. For that reason significance of continuing professional education is growing, creating opportunities for specialists to improve their professional level, to obtain new knowledge and skills or to pass professional retraining and get qualifications which give the right to work in a new field of activity.

Continuing professional education is one of the modes of postgraduate education and is addressed to those who already have the first general secondary or higher professional education. It is an organized and sustainable process of obtaining new knowledge, skills, and abilities that allow the maximum realization and development of a person in social, professional, personal way, his self-determination in the subject.

The BSTU system of continuing professional education has a high degree of flexibility and easily adapts to the needs of the target audience. People are independent in selecting the content, forms, methods, and means of teaching, it is possible to combine a high level of learning motivation with effective methods of personal and professional development.

Continuing professional education includes the following types of training:

Professional retraining is the acquisition of additional knowledge and skills in educational programs that provide the study of disciplines, fields of science and technology necessary to perform a new type of professional activity. This mode of training is developed in the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation as a convenient, inexpensive and quick way to get the second education and master a new profession.

The programs of professional retraining have significant advantages of second degree of higher education since they are designed for a shorter period of study, they are saturated only with special subjects, as close to real life tasks as possible and not expensive.

The minimum academic hours of professional retraining programs are 250 hours.

Upon completion of the retraining, a diploma of professional retraining is issued certifying the right (qualification) for performing professional activities in a certain field.

Advanced training is a type of professional training for specialists, whose goal is to gain additional knowledge, to learn best practices, to acquire or improve professional skills for performing duties in a present or higher job position. Advanced training is the mode of continuing the professional education that contributes to the improvement of theoretical and practical knowledge of specialists in connection with the increase of requirements to the level of their qualification and the need to master new solutions for professional problems.

The minimum academic hours of advanced training programs are 16 hours.

Upon completion of the training program, students who successfully completed the training receive a certificate of additional education.

Trainings and seminars are an intensive and active mode of studying, usually for people, aimed at the mastery of techniques for using a particular technology. They differ from any other mode of learning by the participants’ involvement in the educational process. Special attention is paid to obtaining practical skills that can be applied at work. Trainings and seminars are in the form of workshops, participants analyze experience gained, and give their feedback. Workshop form makes it possible to explore participants own successful and not very working methods and strategies for interacting with other people, and to gain new knowledge in a safe learning environment.

Master classes are conducted by experts who are specialists in their field, who share their experience and their methods, analyze mistakes and give solutions to them.

The terms of training depend on the program of the training, seminar or master class.

Upon completion of training, students receive certificates.

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