The Center for Pre-University Training (CPUT) was established in 1995. The CPUT brings together all forms of pre-university training in order to create the necessary conditions for admission to higher education institutions, as well as to provide the guidance of students, and to develop of their creative abilities.

The center of pre-university training works in several directions: it is a center for the talent development, pre-university training, regional foundation courses, schools assistance (field-orientated classes and groups), competitions preparation courses for students, department of Foundation studies, and Sunday school in various subjects. Work is organized in the educational and research groups of school students. In addition, the center conducts competitions in various subjects and more than 7 000 participants take part in them annually. This gives an additional opportunity for prospective students to enter the university on the state-financed basis.

The Center for Talent Development was established in the university on the basis of the municipal program "Gifted Children." Network interaction with specialized schools, grammar schools of Belgorod and Belgorod region was organized. The director of the Center for Talent Development is Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation, the winner of the Presidential Grant in the national project "Education" Galina D. Korneeva.

Foundation course has been organized for citizens who have been in military service for at least three years under contract in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, other troops, military formations and bodies in military positions that are to be replaced by soldiers, sailors, officers. The task of the foundation course for military men is to help them successfully pass the entrance examinations to our university. During the academic year there are classes in mathematics, the Russian language, physics, and social studies. The faculty of our university teaching at foundation course have experience in pre-university training for high school students, and present their subject in easy and interesting way, revise the school curriculum with students and successfully prepare them for the entrance examinations.

Valery T. Korneev, Director of the Center for Pre-University Training is the Associate Professor of the School of Physics. Irina V. Porakishvili, Chief specialist.

Our address: Room 206,207, the business incubator, academic building No.5, 46 Kostyukova Str., Belgorod, 308012.

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