The Wall of Honor

In April 28, 2016, in the run-up of the anniversary of founding of the University (April 29, 1954), the grand opening of the Wall of Honor of V.G. Shukhov BSTU took place. There are photos of the most praiseworthy members of the university staff in the Wall of Honor. Each of them has made a significant contribution to the overall success of the university.

To become a part of The Wall of Honor is a form of moral encouragement for:

  • conscientious work at the university, achieving of high results in tasks solution assigned to employees;
  • exemplary performance of job duties, high quality of work;
  • active and efficient assistance in activities (contests, competitions, shows, exhibitions, symposiums, conferences, etc.) organized by the university;
  • significant success in the organization and improvement of the educational process in the light of modern achievements in science, technology and culture, ensuring the unity of education and intellectual, cultural and moral development of the individual;
  • introduction in the educational process modes and methods of organizing and conducting of classes, control of the knowledge level and new technologies which ensure the development of students' independence and individual approach in their education;
  • success in the practical training of students, in the development of their creativity and independence;
  • achievements in research on top problems of fundamental, exploratory and applied sciences, including problems of education;
  • merits and achievements in the elaboration and development of existing and new theories, technologies, original research methods in the field of science and technology;
  • research management of students who won prizes at regional, national and international competitions, exhibitions, contests;
  • significant contribution to the training of qualified specialists;
  • constant and active assistance in graduates employability;
  • success in the development of educational literature and the production of educational manuals and equipment;
  • success in the organization of financial and economic activities, development and strengthening of the infrastructure of educational organizations;
  • achievements in educational, cultural, creative, sport and public work.
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