Useful models

The technical solution is protected as a useful model relating to the device.

The useful model is legally protected provided it is new and industrially applicable.

Useful model is new if the entire essential signs are unknown from technique point of view.

The technique level includes published data on the device with the same pattern assignment as stated to be a useful model and their data application in the Russian Federation if such data have become generally available prior to date of the useful model. The technique level is also considered under the condition of its earlier priority applications for the invention patent and useful models submitted in the Russian Federation by other persons whose documents according to paragraph 2 of article 1385 or paragraph 2 of article 1394 of Civil Code #4 of the Russian Federation of inventions and useful models patented in the Russian Federation can be studied by any person.

The information disclosure relating to the useful model by the author applicant or any person who obtained from them directly or indirectly this information as a result the data of the useful model became generally available is not a hindrance to the patentability recognition circumstance of the useful model provided that the application for permission of patent for the useful model is submitted to federal executive authority on intellectual property within six months from the date of information disclosure. The burden of proof that circumstances owing to which disclosure of information does not hinder with recognition of patentability of the useful model took place lies on the applicant.

The useful model is industrially applicable if it can be used in industries, agriculture, health care and other spheres of the economy or in the social sphere.

Legal protection not provided valuable model is:

1) solutions concerning only the appearance of products and directed to satisfy aesthetic needs;
2) integrated microcircuits topology.

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