Test center  "BSTU-sertis" carries out the tests with the  use of   test equipment and measuring instruments of the university assigned to responsible persons — the staff of the university. The center attracts highly qualified specialists to structural divisions of the university  to participation in certified construction production tests of.

Specialized laboratories

The material resources of Test center "BSTU-sertis" includes  4 specialties according to different types of construction materials and types of tests:

  • Testing laboratory No. 1 Sopin Dmitry Mikhaylovich   Tests   of mixes concrete and concrete; solutions and mixes of dry construction; fillers, materials of construction nonmetallic; products concrete and reinforced concrete; wall products; facing pottery;  chrisotile cemented  products. 
  • Testing laboratory No. 2 Bielinsky Roman Lvovich  Tests  of finishing products of glass; products warm and sound-proof; plates wood-fiber and wood-shaving; panels metal with heater; blocks of window and balcony door.
  • Testing laboratory No. 3 of Shchelokova Larisa Stanislavovna  Tests of mineral knitting materials;  
  • Testing laboratory No. 4 Denisov Vasily Petrovich  Tests  of construction road materials.

The specified laboratories are fully completed with  measuring  instruments and the test equipment for carrying out and tests of production according to area of accreditation.

Commercial activity

The test center "BSTU-sertis" is completed with the modern test equipment and has an opportunity to carry out certified tests on more than 200 indicators (characteristics) of construction production, including such types of tests as:

  • durability (for double-glazed windows of all types),
  • resistance to a heat transfer (window and wooden balcony blocks, products wall, heat-insulating, etc.),
  • water - and air permeability (window and door balcony blocks),
  • on static loadings influence of (for window and door balcony blocks),
  • tightness (double-glazed windows),
  • sound insulation (window and door balcony blocks, heat-insulating and wall materials and products).

Contact information
Address: 308012, Belgorod, Kostyukov St., 46, lecture hall of 407 groups of companies
Working hours of Test center  "BSTU-sertis" — from 9:00 till 17:00, a break from 13:00 till 14:00.
The days off — Saturday, Sunday.
Ph. 54-50-05, ph./fax 54-18-83.

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