The types of service rendered by the Centre for High Technologies (CHT) of BSTU, include a complex of services in precision measurements of the main physical and chemical characteristics of materials through the methods of electronic and probe atomic and power microscopy scanning, mass spectrometry, infrared spectroscopy of reflection and transmission, spectroscopy of combinational dispersion, thermogravimetric analysis, differential thermal analysis, chromatography and formation of the nanostructured materials, development of methods and means of chemical analysis control, ecomonitoring and ecological safety.

The Centre for High Technologies (CHT) of BSTU makes educational services in the field of physics, chemistry, biology of nanosystems: preparation, retraining and professional development of experts; in particular, gives a performance opportunity for special practical laboratory works of on based is on CHT of equipment BSTU.

Main directions

The Center of High Technologies (CHT) is a uniform centre of collective use created for the purpose of optimization of research infrastructure and the development of a uniform control system of all research laboratories of the university.

There are seven centralized laboratories as part of (CHT)  (high technologies; microbiology; automated design and modeling of processes; managements of robotic and technological systems; mechatronics and robotics; X-ray phase analysis; independent testing laboratory of oil products), four educational and research and production laboratories (art Crystalline lens glass; resource-energy conservation technologies and equipment for technogenic materials complex processing; studies of properties and technologies of natural stone processing; technologies of technical ceramics), more than 15 specialized laboratory departments; two accredited test centres (BSTU-sertis; radiation monitoring centre). In close collaboration with (CHT) the Centre of innovations and design also resolves issues of design, prototyping, creation of full-scale models and samples works. On the developed electronic resource of the Centre, the most significant scientific and processing equipment is at the disposal of anyone to examine its characteristics, functioning and submit application for use. The conference room of (CHT)   allows scientific and educational and innovative events to be conducted at the most modern level.

Currently within the (CHT) BSTU can perform a wide range of works linked together in particular:

  • with the development of wide scale of the composite materials with metal, ceramic or polymeric matrix fire-resistant properties (from 20000C and more), radiation protective, heat-insulation, etc. as well as properties for metallurgy, nuclear power and atomic power plants, aircraft, space, etc.
  • to modifications of any materials and synthesis on the 2D and 3D nanostructured films, creation of functional composites (solidification and wear resistance change, co-efficient, friction, optical and electric properties, ability to photo-catalysis), expansion of microelectronics element base.
  • to design based on automated systems of highest level, development of automation systems, mechatronics and robotics.

the infrastructure of the university can provide the possibility to carry out hi-tech research and development (for microelectronics, special equipment, microbiology, etc.), including researches in the "clean" rooms mode, in the following fields of science and technologies development:

  1. Industry of nanosystems.
  2. Information and telecommunication systems.
  3. Rational environmental management.
  4. Transport and space systems.
  5. Energy efficiency, energy conservation, nuclear power.


  • Address: ul. Kostyukova 46, Belgorod, 308012, Phone: +7(4722) 55-36-15
  • DIRECTOR: Lebedev Mikhail Sergeyevich
  • DEPUTY DIRECTOR: Ivanov Alexander Sergeyevich
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