Scientific and Technical Council

The Scientific and Technical Council (STC) was established in order to form the scientific, technical and innovative policies of the university, to increase the effectiveness of the research work of lecturers, young scientists, researchers, doctoral, Ph.D. and university students.

The STC is formed from leading scientists and highly qualified university experts, representatives of the university administration, institutes and divisions who manage the scientific and innovative activities.

Main goals:

  • Analysis and evaluation of scientific and innovation activities of separate departments and the university as a whole.
  • Implementation of organizational and methodological guidance and coordination of research and development work carried out in institutes, departments, laboratories and other university divisions.
  • Promotion and improvement of the scientific qualifications of the university faculty.
  • Ensuring the integration of scientific activity with the educational process.
  • Preparation of proposals for the creation and reorganization of scientific and scientific-educational units, the renewal of scientific equipment.
  • Сooperation issues with scientific, design and technological organizations and industrial enterprises for solving the most important scientific and technical problems, creating new technologies and expanding the use of university developments in production.

Scientific and Technical Council has the following functions:

  • Forms the priority areas of scientific, technical and innovative activities of the university.
  • Reviews the effectiveness of the university structural units, which carry out research and innovation activities.
  • It issues proposals on the creation, reorganization, liquidation of scientific and innovative university structural divisions.
  • Conducts an examination of the university's scientific projects for competitions of various levels.
  • Examines and approves Academic advisers reports which are performed on the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science, federal target programs, scientific and technical programs and grants.
  • Reviews proposals to hold scientific and technical events (conferences, forums, roundtables, exhibitions, etc.) at the University for the dissemination and popularization of the results of scientific and innovative activities.
  • Reviews and approves plans for the training of highly qualified personnel.
  • Reviews issues related to the organization and work of university dissertational councils.
  • Hears the reports of scientific supervisors of post-graduate students and doctoral students, as well as reports of doctoral students.
  • Provides suggestions on the allocation of nominal scholarships, state prizes and grants in the field of scientific activity to scientific and pedagogical workers, doctoral candidates for postgraduate students and university students to the Academic Council meetings.
  • Reviews proposals for the purchase of unique instruments and equipment.
  • Involves qualified scientists and specialists of the university and third-party organizations to participate in the work of the STC.

Contact details:

  • Secretary of the STC - office 724.3, tel.: 51-17, 42-08-17.
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