Preparatory faculty for international students

Dean of the Department
Associate Professor,
Ph.D. in Pedagogy,
Elena N. Lyogochkina.

V.G. Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University has been working to provide foreign countries with skilled specialists since 1993 and it has earned a good reputation and high rating among higher educational institutions.

Regulations of the Department of Foundation Studies the Department of Foundation Studies for international students, is a structural unit of the university. It is organized by the order of the rector of V.G. Shukhov BSTU No. 4/314 dated October 30, 2007, on the basis of the existing foundation courses for international students.

BSTU Department of Foundation Studies for international students is included in the list of federal-state educational institutions of higher professional education, which provides pre-university level training for foreign citizens. Only 24 universities have the official state status of their Departments of Foundation Studies. The head of the department is Associate Professor, Ph.D. in Pedagogy, Elena N.Lyogochkina,.

Department of Foundation Studies focuses on the teaching of future specialists who have come to Russia from abroad to gain knowledge. This period of studies is the first step both in adaptation to the new language environment and in preparation for studying the basic subjects of the university. Current areas of study of the Department of Foundation Studies for international students are Technology, Economy, Medicine, Natural Sciences, and Humanities. Russian language courses are designed to help non-native Russian speakers achieve the proficiency required to study in Russian-taught academic programmes.

Teachers of the School of Russian Language and Natural Sciences do the essential educational work at the department. They are highly qualified experts with decades of experience. In their work, teachers use the latest language teaching techniques; the educational material and the methods of its presentation are placed under scrutiny to design the course, its duration and the number of teaching hours. 10 teachers with Ph.D. work at the department.

Teachers of the department are at the same time tutors of groups and international students’ supervisors. They teach the Russian language, assist in the social and cultural adaptation of students, organize and conduct various extracurricular activities. The academic year at the Department of Foundation Studies is saturated not only with academic work, international students are also involved in public, cultural and sports life of our university. Guided tours, exhibitions, meetings, concerts help students get to know Russia, its culture, and people.

Thus, Russian students of the local universities have the opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of the peoples of other countries by visiting interesting, colorful exhibitions organized by students of the Department.

All this contributes to the development of tolerance among the youth.

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