Facts and Figures

Date of foundation:

  • April 29, 1954


  • Russian Federation is the founder of the Institute of Higher Education. the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (address: 11 Tverskaya street, GSP-3, Moscow, 125993 ) carry fulfills functions and authorities of the founder of  the Institute of Higher Education.

Institutional-legal form

  • Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education

Official name:

  • Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education  Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov

Name (without institutional-legal form):

  • Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov


  • BSTU

Languages of instruction:

  • Russian
  • English:
    • 08.03.01 Construction engineering
    • 13.03.02 Electrical power engineering and electric technology
    • 15.03.03 Technological machinery and equipment

Open hours:

  • Monday-Saturday from 8 a.m to 7 p.m

Belgorod State Technological University  named after V.G.Shukhov (BSTU) is a unique higher educational institution in Russia. There are more than 65000 BSTU alumnus, who successfully work not only at the enterprises of the Russian Federation, but also in the countries of near and far abroad. Doctor of economic sciences, Professor S.N. Glagolev has been a rector of BSTU since 2010.

Students and teachers call it tenderly "Tekhnolog." "Tekhnolog" has always been and remains the center of interest for technically gifted youth. The level of specialists training in V.G. Shukhov BSTU is highly appreciated by educational and scientific community. For many years University holds the first place among universities of the same rank. It is in the top 100 higher educational institutions in Russia. Many disciplines occupy leading positions in the ratings held by both the Ministry of Education and independent experts.

  The university consists of 42 departments and 9 institutes: the Architectural Institute, the Engineering and Construction Institute, the Technological Equipment and Machinery Institute, the Institute of Power Engineering, Information Technology and Control Systems, Institute for Transport and Technology, the Institute of Economics and Management, the Chemical Technology Institute, and Institute of Master Degrees and Institute of Distance education.

Shukhov BSTU presents multi-level and multi-field education. There are 37 BA programmes, 11 Specialist Degree programmes, 27 MA programmes and 15 Doctoral programmes. There are different ways to study: full-time, part -time, including support by distance learning.

The studying process uses Interactive systems, distance access laboratories, distance learning courses, virtual learning environment are used during studying process. Lecture halls, scientific labs are provided with modern equipment.

The program of strategic development is successfully implemented in the university. It allows creating new units and to reorganize the existing one, to appreciably improve logistics, infrastructure and laboratory facilities of the university. “Technolog" has become a major scientific center, where representatives of other national educational institutions conduct their research.

Today 25,000 students, including about 1,500 international students from Europe, Asia and Latin America are studying in V.G. Shukhov BSTU. Belgorod State Technological University maintains partnership with a number of leading foreign universities.  BSTU teaches Russian as a foreign language and prepares foreign learners for studies. Some programmes give opportunity for its graduates to receive two diplomas

Modern, well-equipped campus, where academic buildings, laboratories, research and production centre, university library, teachers residential buildings, dormitories, canteen, sport facilities  are located in close proximity. Great preventive and sanative health care services are provided, which includes a preventorium and a health center. The university has a recreation center, located on the bank of the Vorskla river in the Borisov district

The university campus is a multiple winner of the national student dormitory competition. All nonresident students are provided with accommodation in comfortable rooms.

For many years BSTU pre-higher education training centre has been working, realizing a considerable amount of events and services: training courses for prospective students, competitions and partnership programs with "Sirius" educational centre.

The technical research library has the richest fund of books — more than 1.5 million copies, which are scientific, educational literature, references, technical standards documentation. The university digital library is rapidly developing. It already has more than 3000 titles of university digital publications. Access to Russian and international electronic educational databases is provided for teachers and students of the BSTU. More than 55,000 digital educational and scientific publications are available now.

Centre of professional adaptation and employment assistance was founded in the University to improve the efficiency of the graduates and their adaptation to modern socio-economic conditions. Highly experienced staff provides alumnus with information on available vacancies in the labor market, assist in CV writing, organize personal growth trainings, and publish students and alumnus CVs online.

A Recreational Centre is a hub of social and cultural life. There student can find creative teams, studios, different hobby groups to participate and join interesting events: parties, competitions, concerts, festivals, stand up shows and much more.

University has great sport facilities, available for students — the largest stadium, tennis courts, sport fields, swimming pools. The results of the diligent work of highly qualified and experienced trainers has been the success of BSTU students at the competitions of national and international levels. Champions of Russia, Europe, the world champions and winners of Olympic games study in the University.

Statesmen, reputable scientists who visited BSTU, believe that academic staff successfully fulfills the main task of teaching highly qualified specialists, who will be competitive and in demand not only in the modern Russian labor market but also abroad.


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