To attention of foreign students

Memo on the rules of migration legislation

As soon as a foreign student comes to Russia, it is necessary to register at the place of stay within 7 working days. Registration at BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov is made at the Center for International Education and Cooperation, office No. 3.

Upon arrival at the university campus and for registration, you need to decide on your place of residence and collect the appropriate package of documents

If you come to Russia, but realize that you do not have time to register within 7 days, then you need to contact a hostel or hotel and make a registration there. After you receive the detachable part of the notice of arrival from the hostel (registration form), within 3 days the university has the right to register you for migration at your place of stay (dormitory, apartment). You must also register at the hostel within 7 working days after crossing the border with the Russian Federation.

Documents for visa extension are submitted 40 days before the expiration of the previous valid visa. Documents are submitted to the international center, room 3.

To renew registration for countries with a visa-free regime, it is necessary to submit documents no later than 7 days before the end of the previous registration. Registration is extended for 1-3 year students for one year. If you are a graduate, the maximum extension period is until June 30, August 31 (depending on the date on the certificate of study issued by the dean’s office)

All students must reside at the place of registration. If you are registered in a dormitory, you must live in a dormitory; if you rent an apartment, then must stay at your residential address in the apartment.

If you move out of the hostel to an apartment, you must pay off the outstanding accommodation fees  in the hostel (if any).

All foreign citizens arriving in Russia are required to make medical insurance.

All foreign citizens, after crossing the border, are required to undergo mandatory fingerprint registration within 80-90 days. You need to collect a package of documents and contact the international center.

Medical tests (Sadovaya street, 122A) are taken once a year, within 30 days from the date of expiry of previous test results and are also submitted to the international center, an employee issues a certificate provided by the migration service confirming repeated medical tests.

If you are leaving Russia or the territory of the Belgorod oblast, you must notify the international center about this. You need to bring a copy of your tickets, a copy of your passport and a visa to the international center. Employees will give you a “Notice of Departure”, which is confirmation of your departure and after providing these documents you will be removed from the migration register; upon arrival you will need to issue a new registration.

After expulsion, the university reduces the validity of the visa within 2 days, and within 6 working days the student is required to buy a ticket and apply for a transit visa.

Also, from 01/01/2023, a foreign citizen has the opportunity to obtain a temporary residence permit. When registering for a residence permit, foreign students will be able to stay in Russia for the entire duration of their studies. After completing your studies at the university, the temporary residence permit will be valid for another six months - 180 days, during which it will be possible to submit documents to obtain a residence permit (RP) without leaving Russia.


Phone numbers:

  • Center for international education and cooperation, visa department specialists – 30-99-63
  • Deputy director of Center for international education and cooperation, Svetlana Leonidovna Lesovaya – 30-99-45/ 54-53-02




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