Your Enquiries

"... It is important for me to exchange impressions about the current life of our university and the prospects for its development with you. Together we can discuss important aspects of university life! Ask your questions, and you will receive thorough and prompt answers."

Yours faithfully,
S.N. Glagolev


This section provides contact information, which you can use to contact the administration of BSTU, ask your questions, express your wishes and suggestions aimed at improving the quality of the university. You also can receive information about the progress of your appeals.


Personal reception:

Schedule of reception of citizens by the rector of the Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University

Rector: Sergey N. Glagolev
Address: 308012, Belgorod, 46 Kostyukova street, office 228
Telephone: +7 (4722) 55-00-97, 54-20-87
Reception time for personal matters: Monday 11.00–13.00 (by appointment)



You can send an e-mail with a proposal, statement or complaint to theAdministration of the Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University.



Ask the rector:

In this webpage you have the opportunity to ask a the rector of BSTU, Professor Sergei N. Glagolev. The answer is published on the university's website.



Citizens who want to send an enquiry by mail: all documents arriving to the name of the university rector and to the university address, which require execution and preparation of the answer, are subject to control. All written requests are registered in the general department and passed to the manager.

Mail: Belgorod, 46 Kostyukova street, 308012


Letter to the rector:

If you do not have the opportunity to send a letter, or to contact the rector by e-mail, you can write an appeal and leave it in the rector mail box on the 1st floor of the Main building, near the security station).


You can track the progress on your enquiry, received by the Belgorod State Technological University, calling us: tel. +7 (4722) 30-99-01, switchboard 18-06.

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