The 2nd International Congress of Cement Producers

From the 6th to 10th of October the second international congress of cement producers will be held at BSSTU. The main theme of the congress “The cement plant of the future. Innovations and resource saving”.

BSSTU is a leading specialized higher educational institution in Russia. It trains different highly qualified specialists for the building industry. Moreover, in the nearest future four cement and one brick plant will be built in the Belgorod region with the total investments - 2,5 billions of euro. That’s why the congress will be held exactly at our University.

The European Technical Institute, Precommittee on marketing of industrial development in RF, BSSTU and international journal ZKC are the organizers of this congress.

Over 180 representatives of leading cement enterprises will take part in the congress. The participation of such world companies as HeidelbergCement, DyckerhoffZement, BaselCement, EuroCement, KHD, ABB, Simens, Cemag is planning.

During the five days the specialists of International Holdings of Cement produces, the scientists from neighboring and distant foreign countries, representatives from different regions will discuss the most important problems of cement industry: technologies and equipment for extraction, transporting and preparation of raw materials, atomization of production processes, cement storage and packing, equipment for clinker burning, ecological requirements and equipment for purification of dusty gases, staff training for cement industry and prospects of this industry development.

Some excursions on our city and region, to the Belgorod cement plant, historical, architectural monuments of Belgorod Region, the participation in football tournament “Cement Cub - 2009” are organized for the guests.

It should be noted that such congress takes place for the second time in our country and judging by the results of the first International Congress of Cement Producers, particularly, by the active participation, the atmosphere is expected to be enthusiastic.

No doubt that the participation in the congress will be the most important step in decision making on investments and cooperation. It’ll help to find the right decisions to modern problems in the building complex development and infrastructure during the period of economic crisis.

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