Scientists of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov won the Vladimir Shukhov Prize

On the Day of Russian Science, the Belgorod State Philharmonic held a solemn event dedicated to the opening of the Year of Science and Technology in Russia.
Currently, in the Belgorod region there are 5 research and production platforms of world-class scientific and educational centers "Innovative solutions in the agro-industrial complex". The REC involves leading scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, representatives of foreign countries, scientific schools of Great Britain, Germany and India.
The ceremony of awarding the Vladimir Shukhov Prize at the end of 2020 opened a whole cycle of scientific events that will be held throughout the year for schoolchildren, students, teachers and all residents of the region.
Today, all participants of the Belgorod Scientific and Educational Center from Kaliningrad to Blagoveshchensk take part in the solemn ceremony of presenting the prize named after the great engineer in the online format.
More than 2000 doctors and candidates of sciences are engaged in scientific research every day in the Belgorod region.
In order to preserve and develop the scientific, technical and production potential of the Belgorod region, stimulate and create favorable conditions for new scientific discoveries, creative achievements and the implementation of scientific activities, the Government of the Belgorod Region established the Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov Prize.
The guests of honor of the ceremony were: Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Gladkov, Acting Governor of the Belgorod Region; Evgeny Stepanovich Savchenko, Senator of the Russian Federation, Head of the Representative Office of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the Belgorod Region; Irina Mikhailovna Donnik, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Science; Olga Albertovna Pavlova, Chairman of the Belgorod Regional Duma. The Shukhov Prize is given for scientific and technical research, engineering implementation and implementation of innovative products, contribution to the creation of educational programs, the practical implementation of patents and inventions that open up new directions in the creation of equipment, materials and technologies for their production.
Today, honoring of those who worthily continue the work of the great inventor and scientist - the best specialists in the scientific and technical field, who have made a great contribution to the innovative development of the region, took place. Acting Governor of the Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Gladkov addressed all those present with a welcoming speech: “The Year of Science and Technology, announced by the President of the country, Vladimir Putin, starts today. Today is the Day of Russian Science - the day when the Academy of Sciences was created by Peter I.
And today, on the Belgorod land, we are presenting prizes to the best representatives of the scientific community.
All the events taking place in the region show at what high level of development the region is. There are few regions in the country that can boast of having scientific achievements that can compete with the best world developments. " Expert Council for Consideration of Competitive Documents of Candidates for the Award of the V.G. Shukhov identified the winners of the award for achievements in the scientific and technical field. Among the winners are four young scientists of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov:
In the nomination "Innovations in modern technologies of industrial energy efficiency and energy saving" - Head of Research Department, Associate Professor of the Civil Engineering Institute, Candidate of Technical Sciences S.V. Klyuev.
In the nomination "Innovations in the field of information technology" - Associate Professor of the Transport and Technological Institute, Candidate of Technical Sciences A.G. Shevtsova.
 In the nomination "Innovations in engineering" - chief specialist in the scientific and innovative activities of the administration, associate professor of the transport and technological institute, candidate of technical sciences Yakovlev E.A.
In the nomination "Innovations in the field of intelligent production technologies, robotic systems, in construction" - Director of the Chemical Technology Institute, Doctor of Technical Sciences Yastrebinsky R.N. “
I am deeply convinced that each person should do his favorite thing and only then he can achieve success and prove himself!”, - believes the rector of BSTU. V.G. Shukhov Sergei Glagolev.
Year of Science and Technology at BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov also began with numerous seminars on the design of CNC machines, virtual reality and lectures on science in art - science-art, which is changing the urban environment.
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