The year of science and innovation at the university was opened with lectures and master classes

On the Day of Russian Science at BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov hosted not only master classes for children, but also fascinating lectures for students.
The boiling point of the flagship university held a soft-lecture “Year of Science and Innovation at BSTU”.
The students learned what the leading scientists of the university are doing, what kind of scientific research they pay more attention to, and were able to ask the speakers all their questions. The assistant to the vice-rector for scientific and innovation activities of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov Elena Danshina: “Today we celebrate our professional holiday - the Day of Russian Science. University scientists have already created a large number of new technologies and scientific approaches that are now used everywhere in science and technology. You are the mainstay of our university, and I wish you creative and scientific success and achievements. " A presentation by six speakers on a variety of topics was prepared for students. The soft-lecture hall was opened by Andrey Naumov, Head of the Department of Expertise and Real Estate Management, who spoke about digital construction and real estate development.
They talked about current research projects of scientists and students of the Civil Engineering Institute who contribute to digital real estate design. “A modern digital builder with new skills and competencies should be engaged in modern real estate. The digital builder must continue to construct buildings quickly, efficiently, safely and affordably. But at the same time it is as cheap as possible and as error-free as possible, ”noted Andrey Evgenievich.
The second speaker - Professor of the Department of Materials Science and Technology of Materials Viktoria Nelyubova, spoke on the topic "Perspective materials for construction".
Victoria Viktorovna said that most of the time a person spends in buildings: work, school, university, home, gym, store, etc. Therefore, the concept of "Smart Home", created from "smart" materials, is now especially popular: flexible concrete, transparent concrete, ash-bituminous binders for asphalt concrete mixtures, drainage high-permeability concrete and many others. Vasily Porkhalo, Associate Professor of the Department of Technical Cybernetics, told the students about intelligent control systems. Control systems now surround a person everywhere: they are even in essential household appliances (microwave oven and washing machine). “Many projects developed at the Department of Technical Cybernetics have been implemented both in the Belgorod Region, as well as in Russia and abroad,” emphasized Vasily Aleksandrovich.
Lilia Kushchenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Operation and Organization of Vehicle Traffic, made a presentation on the topic "A comprehensive solution to combat congestion in urban environments." The speaker highlighted the issue of optimal traffic management, which will reduce travel delays and fuel costs, as well as improve the environmental situation in the city. Head of the Department of Automobile and Railways Evgeny Yakovlev told the students about innovations in the road industry. Students learned about innovative materials and technologies in road construction, about structural layers of pavement and about quality control of road construction.
The university specialists are constantly testing special additives used for the technology of restoration of asphalt concrete pavement by the method of“ cold recycling ”and give recommendations to road organizations on their use,” said Evgeny Aleksandrovich. Sergey Staroverov completed the soft-lecture “Year of Science and Innovation at BSTU”. Associate Professor of the Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation spoke with the topic "New approaches to the modernization of the existing pressure head stations for iron removal in the Belgorod region." Sergey Vladimirovich spoke about the main problems that arise during the operation of existing pressure head stations for iron removal, and showed a schematic diagram of most iron removal stations in the Belgorod Region.
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