The international activity of the university is marked by gratitude from the State Duma

For many years BSTU named after V.G.Shukhov has been developing international relations in the field of education, increasing the competitiveness of Russian education.
The work of the university with foreign students over the past 5 years has yielded significant results.
The number of such students at the flagship university has increased from 1.4 thousand to 2 thousand, and the geography of applicants arriving to obtain knowledge has expanded to 75 states.
For 10 years, the Vice-Rector for International Affairs Ruslan Lesovik has made a personal contribution to the development of international relations in the field of education. Under his leadership, the university was the first to implement training programs for engineers in English. For his dedication to increasing the competitiveness of Russian education to Ruslan Valerievich, thanks were expressed to Leonid Eduardovich Slutsky, Chairman of the International Affairs Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (letter No. 3.16-24 / 232 dated December 3, 2020). Today more than 200 students from Ghana, India, Pakistan, Zambia, Nigeria, Egypt, Iraq, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Uganda listen to lectures at the university. The University twice became the venue for international forums of public diplomacy, which were attended by ambassadors, diplomats, scientists from 30 countries of the world, heads of major Russian universities, government officials and business representatives. For the first time in Russia, a list of forum participants was assembled, uniting ambassadors, diplomats and scientists of this level.
 There are international agreements on cooperation in the field of education, culture and science. Currently, within the framework of the activities of the International Scientific Center for Theory and Practice of Rebuilding Destroyed Cities, studies are being carried out to study the possibility of effective use of fragments of destroyed buildings and structures of the Republic of Iraq. Recall that a young scientist from Iraq, a post-graduate student of the flagship university of the region, Ahmed Ahmed Anis Ahmed, within the framework of the dissertation, solves this problem by studying the features of the destruction of buildings and structures. He develops technologies for obtaining a wide range of new generation composites. Representatives of the embassy and workers of the Iraqi construction industry became interested in the results. The scientific activities of employees, students and graduate students of the university contributes to increasing the prestige of Russian education in the international arena.
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