Regional Science Festival

In the Year of Science and Technology, the opening ceremony of the IX Regional Science Festival, which is part of the general All-Russian Festival "Nauka 0+", took place in the Belgorod Region. More than 250 events will be held within the framework of the holiday.
BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov not only joined the annual festival, he became one of the leading venues, where contests, master classes, lecture halls and round tables have been held since October 5. Future engineers have already attended master classes, where they got acquainted with devices that measure the strength of building structures, independently tested concrete samples using alternative methods. At the round table "Microclimate of premises" with the help of anemometers, hygrometers and other devices, they learned to determine the speed of air movement, humidity and other necessary parameters of residential and industrial premises. The students learned about the current problems of architecture, urban planning and design, presented their developments in this direction to the audience. At the scientific and methodological seminar "Digital Construction", speakers spoke about modern technologies for information modeling of buildings and structures. Before the grand opening of the festival, the Belgorod State Philharmonic Hall hosted an exhibition "Touch Science", where scientific developments of young scientists from educational institutions of the region were presented, including BSTU. V.G. Shukhov.
Among the exhibits from the flagship university are glowing decorative concretes, composite materials for the space industry, an intelligent mobile robot, technical refractory ceramics, and composites for 3D additive technologies. Olga Pavlova, Chairman of the Belgorod Regional Duma, addressed the participants and spectators of the festival with words of welcome. “The Science Festival is being held in the Belgorod Region for the ninth time. It has become a notable platform where not only the best examples of scientific thought in our region are demonstrated, but also the ties between science and business, science and production are strengthened. The Science Festival is becoming more and more popular every year: today society is interested in science, pays its attention to it. This means that modern society has a future, ”Olga Albertovna emphasized in her speech. Within the framework of the festival, scientists, students and schoolchildren, winners of All-Russian and international Olympiads, authors of scientific discoveries and inventions were noted for outstanding achievements in scientific research. Representatives of the BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov: Diana Bondarenko and Natalya Kozhukhova (associate professors of the Department of M&TM), Daria Netsvet (senior lecturer of the Department of M&TM), Marina Romanovich (associate professor of the Department of PT&DM) and Nikolai Lyubimy (senior teacher of the Department of PT&DM). Among the winners for a scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation for young scientists and graduate students for 2021-2023, and scientists of the flagship university of the region: - Alexander Volodchenko (associate professor of the department of SMiIK) with the project "Development of scientific and technical foundations for the use of chemically modified natural aluminosilicates to obtain silicate composites for construction purposes using energy-saving technology"; - Daria Netsvet (senior lecturer of the Department of M&TM) with the project "Increasing the efficiency of heat-insulating non-autoclave hardening foam concrete due to complex physical and chemical modification with mineral additives"; - Diana Bondarenko (Associate Professor of the Department of M&TM) with the project "Increasing the efficiency of structurally-conjugated protective and decorative coatings of building composite materials by optimizing the compositions and parameters of high-temperature treatment"; - Marina Kozhukhova (engineer of the Department of Railway Engineering) with the project "Development of methodological principles for creating energy-efficient building composites using technogenic raw materials, subject to modification with nanosilica obtained from natural hydrothermal solutions"; - Marina Romanovich (Associate Professor of the Department of PTiDM) with the project "Research of the processes of destruction of natural and man-made materials in order to develop energy-saving equipment for the production of building materials"; - Natalia Kozhukhova (Associate Professor of the Department of M&TM) with the project "Development of principles for creating geopolymer mixtures for 3D printing"; - Dmitry Malyshev (Research Engineer of the Engineering Center "Intelligent Robotic Systems and Technologies" for R&D Management) with the project "Development of Computational Methods, Algorithms and Software Systems for Designing Parallel Robots". The winners of the competition for projects of the scientific and educational center "Innovative solutions in the agro-industrial complex" were also announced at the festival. Larisa Rybak, professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, BSTU named after  V.G. Shukhov.
“Having once connected your path with science, you never stop. And such events allow us to look at each other's discoveries, discover something new and get to know with scientific achievements ", - emphasized in her speech the deputy head of the administration of the governor of the Belgorod region, head of the science department Ekaterina Zhuravleva. In BSTU them. V.G. Shukhov Regional Science Festival is only gaining momentum. After the ceremonial part, the students returned to the university, because they were still waiting for exciting lectures, contests and master classes.
BSTU students V.G. Shukhov learned about modern technologies of information modeling of buildings and structures at the scientific and methodological seminar "Digital construction" from university scientists and invited speakers. Within the framework of the annual scientific and practical competition "Rebar Expert", participants competed in measuring the main parameters of samples of bar reinforcement and in testing them in tension. The Center for Youth Innovative Creativity "Metamorphosis" hosted a lecture course "Science in Art - Science-Art Changing the Urban Environment" on the prerequisites for the emergence of science art projects, varieties and subspecies of scientific art. And in the end, all those present enjoyed the fascinating process of laser cutting. The book exhibition "Standardization and Quality Management" this year was held modestly, but the organizers are confident that the presented literature will allow curious students to immerse themselves in their chosen specialty in more detail. At the lecture "Air quality - human health", the participants were told about the current problems of air pollution, about possible ways to determine the concentration of harmful substances, modern methods and equipment to reduce the negative impact on life and health. This busy day ended with the start of the annual competition "Pasta Builders".
The teams demonstrated their design and construction skills from an unusable, at first glance, building material - pasta.
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