Our students will take part in the finals of the international Olympiad

From 12 to 15 November, the final of the XIII International Olympiad in the field of information technology "IT-Planet 2020/21" (world-it-planet.org) will take place, one of the largest IT competitions in Russia, which is aimed at bringing educational institutions closer together and business structures in Russia and the CIS countries in order to improve the quality of education. The final will be attended by representatives of the Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov ”that successfully passed the qualifying stages: Talalaev Andrey, student, competition "Development of projects in virtual reality on the Varwin platform"; Adonin Nikolay, student, competition "Development of projects in virtual reality on the Varwin platform"; Mavlyanov Ruslan, student, competition "Development of projects in virtual reality on the Varwin platform"; Sophia Tkachenko, alumnus, "Creation of business automation projects on the 1C: Enterprise 8 platform". The Olympiad "IT-Planet" is an opportunity for students of secondary vocational and higher education institutions, as well as young graduates to prove themselves in the field of information and innovative technologies, exchange experience with high-class specialists, find employment or undergo industrial practice in leading companies, as well as get into the database promising IT professionals. The Olympiad is hosted by the Braim Innovation Competition platform (braim.org), which brings together students, developers and startups with leading brands. Sergey Shalashny, Chairman of the Board of ANO Center for Development of Innovative Technologies IT-Planet, noted: “The main task of the Olympiad is to create opportunities for self-realization and professional growth for young people.
Over the 13 years of the event, thousands of young professionals were able to find and develop their professional path thanks to the practical orientation of the Olympiad tasks, close contact with experts and career opportunities for the participants of the competition. " This year, the final of the competition will be held online, which in the current epidemiological conditions will ensure the participation of the maximum number of finalists in the Olympiad. Thanks to the online broadcast, everyone will be able to watch the defense of the best projects, take part in an educational program from specialists from leading Russian and international ICT companies and additional activities within the framework of the final. Participation is free. To register for the event and get more information about the final, please visit final.world-it-planet.org. More than 400 students and young graduates from 160 educational institutions in Russia and the CIS countries were invited to participate in the final stage of the competition, who showed the best results in the online qualifying stages. Most of the participants who made it to the final stage of the Olympiad were among the students of Sevastopol State University, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University and Komsomolsk-on-Amur State University. More than 17,500 participants took part in the thirteenth season of the Olympiad. In the final, participants will compete for primacy in competitions in such topical areas as robotics, programming, network technologies, web design, mobile application development, 3D modeling, databases, data science, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. The finalists will have to remotely carry out the final tasks using the proctoring system, as well as defend their projects developed during the qualifying stages in the format of video conferences. Most of the tests offer participants to practice solving real-life technical problems that arise, but some allow them to go beyond the usual situations. For example, participants in the final stage of the Mission: MARS competition will demonstrate designs of systems that could help future colonizers of Mars plan the development and use of the surface of the Red Planet. The socially-oriented competition "Unlimited Opportunities" will be held as a separate area, the participants of which will present projects aimed at improving the lives of people with disabilities and developed with their participation. This competition is being held for the third time, providing people with disabilities and mobile participants with the experience of joint project activities, the result of which is useful and relevant inventions. This year, the participants demonstrated many new and interesting solutions. One of the most promising projects noted by experts is the project of a robotic arm prosthesis, controlled using neural impulses from the brain. It is interesting that this prosthesis can be made using a 3D printer, which opens up wide opportunities for its replication. This solution will help people who have lost an arm regain their motor function.
On November 15th, a solemn award ceremony will take place, where the names of the winners will be announced and the educational institutions whose students have achieved outstanding results in the 13th season of the Olympics will be announced. The winners of the final will receive not only well-deserved awards, but also the opportunity for consulting support from experts and assistance in promoting projects, as well as offers for internships and employment. According to the results of the final tests, the winners will be determined among educational institutions of secondary and higher professional education in each federal district of the Russian Federation and the country, whose representatives made it to the final of the competition. The organizer of the Olympiad is the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization "Center for the Development of Innovative Technologies" IT-Planet ". The founders of the contests and partners are the leading Russian and international IT companies and organizations: 1C, Oracle, DataArt, SBER, Astra Linux, Farzoom, Varwin, SimbirSoft, ROBBO, LinuxCenter, Studio Morisot "," Key frame ", GENESIS DIGITAL," Internet-Frigate "," Gandalf ", Enterprise" INIS ", Institute for System Programming. V.P. Ivannikov RAS, HeadHunter, ARPP "Otechestvenny Soft", NP RUSSOFT, Technopark "Skolkovo". The co-organizers of the final are the Don State Technical University and the YUZHNY REGION - DSTU Media Park. The nominations for the Unlimited Opportunities competition are supported by the All-Russian Organization of Disabled People, the All-Russian Organization of the Deaf, The Black Sea Climate and Business Initiative (CLIMBIZ), Deaf Skills, and Super Motorica.
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