Robotics in the health service in Italian

BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov is developing international collaboration and we cooperation with many educational organizations around the world.
For example, together with scientists from the University of Calabria (Italy), research is being carried out in the field of mathematical modeling using computer programs. Therefore, learn about the scientific developments of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov is now available from international print media. We invite you to familiarize yourself with an article published in the Italian magazine Parola di Vita.
Robotics at the service of health
The goal is to develop a robotic system for processing biological material. The University of Calabria is once again proving itself to be the home of educational talent. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation created an international laboratory at the Belgorod State Technological University and entrusted its scientific guidance to Giuseppe Carbone, professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Management at the University of Calabria. "The University of Calabria continues to be a breeding ground for research and robotics talent." “This,” explains Professor Carbone, “is a unique task that I am very proud of! The new laboratory was created specifically to address a specific and urgent problem in the context of this pandemic. The appointment of the director was an indirect confirmation of the excellence achieved by our research group in the international scientific community. " Behind a long and difficult selection process: “Initially, we were contacted by colleagues from Belgorod University, who showed interest in our research and patents for the development of innovative robots. This was followed by numerous preparatory activities, as well as interaction with the biologists who developed the Sputnik vaccine. The activity of the supervisor consists of “proposing research directions and defining activities carried out by a laboratory team of researchers and graduate students trained in various fields of robotics (mechanics, information technology, management), with the support of biologists. Given the distance and context of the pandemic, activities are carried out mainly through periodic online meetings in groups or with individual staff from the Belgorod University laboratory. ” A prestigious assignment that fosters the rise of Italian excellence in research: “This assignment certainly gives significant importance to our research achievements and, in particular, to our skills in robotics. It will also allow us to forge new scientific connections for many of the achievements of the University of Calabria and, in particular, the Department of Mechanics, Energy and Management (DIMEG) that I am talking about. " "University of Calabria professor Carbone will collaborate with the institute that developed the Sputnik vaccine." The goal of the International Laboratory for Intelligent Robotic Systems and Technologies, in collaboration with the institute that developed the Sputnik Covid vaccine, is to develop a robotic system “that allows biological material to be safely handled. The robot will have an innovative cubic geometry. The analysis of the biological material under investigation will begin completely inside it, mainly with the help of antigenic tests, which will prevent possible infection of both humans and biological material. In addition to significantly improving safety, the effectiveness of new vaccines can be evaluated more quickly, ”he explains. Artificial intelligence and robotics are increasingly close to human health: “Robotics and artificial intelligence are gaining an increasingly important role, using and personalizing possible treatments for diseases such as Covid, cancer, stroke, meeting the expectations of millions of patients. This is one of the sectors that will have the greatest impact on our quality of life in the near future. ” The laboratory is located in Russia, a country with a low percentage of vaccinated population. "Belgorod University expressed its intention to continue academic and scientific cooperation with the University of Calabria" “In eastern countries, including Russia, a low incidence of Covid was initially recorded. Paradoxically, this has stimulated behavior that is not respectable: vaccination rates are still grossly inadequate, in addition to insufficient attention to distance and mask use. ” “On the occasion of the opening, the rector and colleagues of Belgorod University expressed their intention to initiate further academic and scientific cooperation with our university. I am studying the first teacher and student exchange agreement that will allow for broader collaboration for our achievement. "
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