Victory Day at BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov: holiday program

Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov will celebrate the upcoming Victory Day with a series of festive events. The celebrations will take place over several days at different venues.
From May 4 to May 9, everyone is invited to visit the theatrical tour "Revived Exposition" in the museum-diorama.
 On May 4, the chess club of the university will host a blitz tournament in honor of the Great Victory Day. Start at 13:30.
 On May 5, at 11:00, a solemn meeting of three generations “ZA TRUTH! ZA FAITH! FOR THE FATHERLAND!”, dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. An hour later, the All-Russian action "Voice of Victory" will be held here. At noon, on the summer terrace of the Molodyozhnoye cafe, you can try field porridge
At 12:15 wreaths will be laid at the Stele of Memory (BSTU named after V. G. Shukhov), a monument to General N. F. Vatutin and an unknown pilot.
On May 6 at 18.00, students, staff and teachers are invited to the White Cabinet memorial evening, which will be held in the open air on the alley at the entrance to the campus from the side of the barrier. In case of rain, the evening will take place in student hostel No. 2.
From May 6 to 16, in the foyer of the classroom building, everyone will be able to become part of a cycle of educational exhibition projects about the Great Patriotic War.
On May 7, at 10:00, a regional project for future businessmen "New Opportunities" starts at the Student Palace of Culture. And two hours later, in the second gym, the Russian handball championship among the men's teams of the Major League will begin.
From May 7 to 9, everyone is invited to theobservation deck for a street film screening dedicated to the Great Patriotic War. Start at 20:30.
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