Innovations of promising Shukhov students at the VII All-Russian Youth Forum Science of the Future - Science of the Young

These days, graduate students of the university present their developments at the final stage of the All-Russian competition of research works within the framework of the VII All-Russian Youth Forum "Science of the Future - Science of the Young", taking place in Novosibirsk. The Forum has become in recent years one of the symbols of the transformation of Russian science and Russian education into a modern system of research, education and enlightenment that meets international standards and practices.

The topic of the forum is “Technological sovereignty and sustainable development of Russia”. In four days, participants will travel from the tasks of solving the restoration of production systems to the selection and proposal for the introduction of modern developments and technologies in the real sector of the economy. Igor Ryabchevsky, a post-graduate student of the Department of S&HC, in his work “Development of energy-efficient heat-technically homogeneous wall structures from cellular concrete blocks” proposed an improved technology for laying walls from cellular concrete blocks, which will allow, due to the rational arrangement of masonry elements by biaxial dressing, to eliminate horizontal seams and provide significantly greater strength and thermal resistance structures in relation to traditional methods of dressing masonry.

The young scientist presented construction information models, a finite element analytical substantiation of the masonry efficiency achieved, and developed technological methods for performing stone work in construction conditions. Polina Kladieva, post-graduate student of the Department of EUN, with the project “Strength and crack resistance of cellular concrete bending elements reinforced with steel toothed belts” proposed to eliminate the key disadvantage of cellular concrete reinforcement with traditional bar reinforcement - low adhesion of reinforcement to concrete, and, as a result, a significant resource intensity of structures of this type by introducing their own innovative reinforcing element.

Polina's scientific report presents the results of spatial modeling of the actual operation of a cellular concrete element reinforced with tapes under load, a study of the optimal topology of the reinforcing element, and proposals for improving the engineering methodology for designing such structures, supplementing the current building rules.

Evgeny Leonov, a postgraduate student of the Department of Energy and Thermal Technology of IEITUS in the project "Research on the combustion of biogas of variable composition" spoke about the combustion of gas with a variable content of methane in injection burners, substantiated the need for a detailed study of the design of furnaces, furnaces and boilers for their modernization when switching to biofuel. The developments of the Shukhov team were duly appreciated by the exacting jury - scientists and professionals in the construction industry of the region. We sincerely hope for the success of our guys in the research competition and wish you the soonest preparation and defense of dissertation research on selected topics.

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