Happy birthday, dear Sergey Nikolaevich

Today the BSTU has a special holiday - the birthday of a person who has been investing his soul and heart in the university and its development for 20 years. This is a professor, doctor of economic sciences, rector of the Belgorod State University named after V.G. Shukhov - Sergei Glagolev.
Sergey Nikolayevich graduated from the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute with a degree in Automobiles and Automotive Industry. But, despite the brilliant prospects of staying in Moscow, he decided to return to his native land. He started in a design bureau, at a motor transport enterprise, worked in senior positions in city and regional administrations. This activity required additional education. After graduating with honors from the Russian Academy of Public Administration, Sergei Nikolayevich set a new goal and successfully achieved it: he defended his Ph.D. thesis. And since then he has firmly connected his life with science. In 2007 he became the Laureate of the All-Russian competition "Engineer of the Year", and in 2009 he defended his doctoral dissertation. Since 2010, S.N. Glagolev took the helm of BSTU into his own hands and reliably guides the technical ship along the waves of science, technology and education. It was with the arrival of Sergey Nikolaevich that the university stepped forward in all directions - in scientific terms, it began to occupy first positions in various rankings of Russian universities, the technological base improved with the construction of the Center for High Technologies, the Center for Innovation and Design, the sports base grew with 2 swimming pools, and the university campus simply flourished. before our eyes, delighting with both architecture and a beautiful park - a favorite vacation spot not only for Shukhov residents, but also for many citizens. Professor S.N. Glagolev is the author of 250 scientific articles, 35 educational publications, 17 patents for inventions and utility models, 1 know-how. Since 2021, Sergey Nikolayevich has been the head of the Council of Rectors of the Belgorod Region. Dear Sergey Nikolaevich! From the entire faculty of BSTU named after V.G. Shukhov, from employees, students and graduate students of the university - from all your friendly team, which you managed to rally and ignite with your love for science, technology and education, please accept the warmest congratulations on your birthday!
We wish you good health, professional longevity and grateful graduates to be proud of. Under your skillful guidance, the Technologist is always ready for any challenges of the time!
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