Department of Foundation Studies

If you want to get a high-quality education and become a professional, V.G. Shukhov Belgorod State Technological University(BSTU) will help you to achieve your goal. The variety of fields of study, the quality of education, the facilities and resources of the departments, schools, and laboratories, the talent academic staff, the excellence of scientific work make BSTU one of the best technological universities in Russia. More than 22,000 students, including international students from 34 countries, study in V.G. Shukhov BSTU.

The most important and responsible stage in the development of a future international student is the pre-university training performed at the Department of Foundation Studies for International Students. This period for future specialists is the first step both in adaptation to the new language environment and in preparation for studying the basic subjects of the university.

You can apply for a foundation course at the Department of Foundation Studies for International Students.

Course objectives


Further Education

preparing students with complete secondary education or BA degree for more advanced study in Russian university.

Technological specialization: Russian language, Mathematics, Physics, Computer studies, Chemistry, Sport

Engineering disciplines

Economics specialization: Russian language, Mathematics, Physics, Computer studies, Economics

Economics, Management, Marketing

Medicine and Biology specialization: Russian language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Medicine, Pharmacology

Humanities specialization: Russian language, Literature, Geography, Country studies

Philology, Law

  • Duration of Study — 1 academic year (September-July)

Courses begin on the 1st of September. Admission of international students is from 1st of September to 31st of December. When there is enough students enrolled for the course, studies starts.

Enrollment for the course of duration 1,5 academic year begins in the  in January. It consists of 20-25 weeks of studying + 4 weeks of vacation + 38 weeks of studying.

Duration of study

Tuition Fee

1 year

84 900 rub

  • Study mode — full-time

In general, a student is required to study from 8.15 a.m to 2.20 p.m. Students have a break from 11.45a.m. to 12.35 p.m. There are cafes and canteens in the campus. The dormitory is 5 minutes walk from the academic building.

  • 36 academic hours per week (an academic hour is 45 minutes)  is spent during term time in receiving tuition, engaging in practical work, receiving supervised study.
  • The number of students in the group for the course is from 6 to 10 people. While international students arrive at the university the groups for courses are formed. There are students from different countries in the group.
  • Each student group has its own supervisor. The supervisor will help you to adapt to the new life and studying conditions, ensuring the involvement of students in the cultural, sport, public events of the university.
  • The academic year at the Department of Foundation Studies is saturated not only with studying but also with leisure activities. Students attend museums, exhibitions, interesting places in Belgorod and the Belgorod region. The Department hosts parties and competitions, concerts and exhibitions.

If you like sports, you can join our sports classes and take part in various sports competitions.

  • At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate.

Upon completion of the foundation course, students take exams. If you successfully pass the final exams you will receive a certificate of completion of the foundation course with the list of your exams results.

Based on this certificate, you can apply for further education in the chosen department to get a BA/MA degree.

If you already have a master's degree, you can get Ph.D.

You can continue your education at our university, choosing among the variety of courses.

  • Accommodation is provided in a dormitory, in double rooms with communal bathroom, kitchen and other facilities for 10–12 people. The bedding is provided in the dormitory.

There is a grocery store, a canteen, a gym, a clothes and shoe repair shop in the dormitory. The dormitory is 5 minutes walk from the academic building.

If you decide to study at our university, you need to get an offer to study. To do this, send a copy of your passport and certificate of completion of secondary education to clarify your level of preparation to the address:

308012 Russia, Belgorod, ul. Kostyukova, 46,
Department of Foundation Studies, V.G. Shukhov BSTU, 46, Kostyukova St. 308012, Belgorod, Russia
Tel./Fax + 7 (4722) 30–99–19, 42–08–08

If you want to start your studies on time, we recommend you to send necessary documents in April or May. If you have not received a certificate on secondary education by this time, you can send it later. The offer will be sent after receiving the secondary education certificate.

You will receive an information letter if your application has been submitted. Please fill out the necessary documents carefully and send them to the university.

The offer will be issued in a month after receiving your documents and send to you by mail. You can use DHL express mail (for an additional fee) to receive your offer in shorter time.

When you get your offer, you can apply for an entrance visa to Russia.

If you inform us about the date and time of arrival in Russia, and a representative of our university will meet you at the airport of Moscow and will accompany you to Belgorod. You will take a train to get to Belgorod from Moscow. The ticket costs approximately $ 150.

Don’t forget to bring to university:

  • Offer
  • Certificate of Secondary Education and BA degree certificate if you apply for MA program.
  • Health certificate
  • Money to pay your fees

You can get from Airport to the University by bus No. 7,8. (bus stop Belgorod State Technological University)

You can get from Railway station to University by bus No. 2,3,41 (bus stop Belgorod State Technological University)

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